Finally – An Independent Office 365 Workshop tour!

No travel, no hotels and minimal time away from work! It’s the independent O365nation community workshop tour, coming to a major city near you. We offer over 6-hours of pure Office 365 content, presented by Independent Community speakers. Benefit from peer sharing and professional networking. Leave with technical and strategic business knowledge you can apply immediately to Office 365 matters. As a capable IT Pro, you should not hesitate to capitalize on this technology. And like everyone else, you likely have more questions than answers about Office 365. This is your chance to get the answers to your most vexing questions.

What People are Saying about the Office 365 Tour

I wanted to share that I have attended several Microsoft partner events over the last year and a half. Many of them seem to always share the same type of content telling us how we should embrace the cloud and how wonderful it is but usually very little content related to how we can really achieve this. This event and the sessions lined up really focused on helping to provide some direction on making this change. This event had the most useful content I have heard in over a year of looking for this type of information. Having Melanie and Grant who are great presenters but also because they come from the channel they can really gear it towards the partners pain.- Larry Taylor, Chicago Attendee

“The conference was a huge value with absolutely great information that will result in dollars in my business. It was worth the 12 hour day and the 3 hour (each way) drive for me to attend at least 10 times over. ” – Roy Borglund

“Harry Brelsford has put together a great Office 365 tour. Kicked off today in Bellevue, WA! See for the schedule” – Steph Holt

“I just wanted to thank you all very much for the fantastic event you all put on today! This event was just what I needed to think about – you know how it goes, where you get stuck in your usual routine with the same types of activities over and over. Well, this event gave me the inspiration of creativity that I needed to get off my butt and try something different” – Gene McKelvey

“Thank you again for the event you, Harry, and the team put on yesterday. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.”- Ronald G. Napenias

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for the very well put together program today. I was pleasantly surprised with the location, size, and content of the event, and learned a lot! Especially the first session on Deployment – so much good information.”
Karen Walker

“The content that SMB Nation is offering in this tour is absolutely excellent particularly due to the two headline presenters: Grant Thompson and Melanie Gass. I had originally planned to only attend from 8 AM to 3:30 PM, but the content was so exceptional that I ended up staying until they closed at 9 PM. I’m not exaggerating here when I say I truly believe that I learned more in this one day session about Office 365 and how to make money from it than I’ve learned over the last couple of years attending numerous other presentations and webinars.” – Ed Correia- Silicon Valley

“The SMB Nation/O365 Nation mobile app from LogicTree IT was extremely useful. The ability to get immediate feedback from my training sessions allowed me to adjust presentations later in the day, provided added confidence that my messaging was accurate and relevant to the audience and captured more responses that I would typically see with a paper survey. It’s akin to the microwave – now that I’ve gotten a taste I never want to speak without it.” – Grant Thompson, Conference Speaker

“BEST Sessions – Ms. Gass’ presentations – content and professional speaker and Grant Thomson was GREAT too as was SYKICK.” – Feedback from Attendee Survey, Bellevue, WA

Also, check out the recent videos, from Harry Brelsford, with more information on the Tour:

Office 365 Independent Tour Registration

Complimentary Registration

SMB Nation is pleased to provide each SMB Nation Member, as a member benefit, one complimentary registration and additional discounted registrations for the O365nation Tour.

To take advantage of this benefit, please obtain a registration code by contacting your SMB Nation Customer Service representative at 206.201.2943 Ext 105 or by emailing at